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Welcome to the World of Home Brewing !

We think you'll find that making beer is fun, easy, and economical (once you have the basic equipment, you can make 5 gallons of beer --nearly two cases -- for around $20.00 to $30.00)

To make your first batch of home brew you'll need instructions, equipment, a beer kit, and priming sugar for bottling.

I) Instructions: One of the most frustrating things for the beginner is that all books (and even the instructions on beer kits) seem to give you slightly different directions. Although a variety of methods can be used with good results, we've found that perhaps the easiest way to make great beer is to follow the simple instructions laid out by Charlie Papazian in his book "The New Complete Joy of Home Brewing" (LDC catalog #7050). The book is not only great for the beginner, but also has a lot of information and recipes for the intermediate and advanced home brewer.

II) Equipment: We suggest the following equipment:

Brewers Best Equipment Kit (LDC catalog #1000) -- This kit contains everything a beginner needs to make beer except boiling pot, bottles and caps. Contents include a how-to-brew text, a 6.5 gal "Ale Pail" plastic primary fermenter with lid, a 6.5 gal "Ale Pail" plastic bottling bucket with bottling spigot, One Step cleanser, an airlock, a siphon & bottling set-up, a hydrometer, a bottle brush, a twin-lever capper, a liquid crystal thermometer, a bucket clip, and equipment instructions.

Brew Pot -- You'll need a 16 or 20 quart steel boiling pot to brew your beer. Stainless or enameled steel canning kettles, available at hardware or grocery stores, are great for this.

Beer Bottles -- You'll need about two cases of non-screw-on-top beer bottles. If you don't have any around the house you can often get empty returnable bottles from a beer distributor, or you may be able to get empties from you neighborhood bar or restaurant. Remember, get bottles that do not have screw-on tops.

Bottle Caps (LDC catalog #4270A or 4270B) -- You'll need about 48 caps for your first batch of beer (the capper is included in the Brewers Best Equipment Kit).

Hydrometer Test Jar (LCD catalog #5380) -- This piece of equipment will make it easier to take accurate readings from your hydrometer (the hydrometer is included in the Brewers Best Equipment Kit)

Jet Bottle Washer (LDC catalog #4800) -- Though not required, the Jet bottle washer it makes cleaning bottles much easier than using only a bottle brush. The washer screws onto a faucet with external threads (like a utility sink). If you don't have a faucet with external threads, the Jet bottle washer adaptor (LCD catalog #4802) will adapt a standard faucet for use with the jet bottle washer.

Brewers Best Floating Thermometer (LDC catalog #5424) -- Although not necessary when using the hopped syrup kits described below, you'll need one when you start adding whole grains to your home brew.

III) Beer Kits

The easiest beer kits to use are Munton's all-in-one kits which include two cans of hopped malt syrup and a packet of brewers' yeast. There is nothing to add but water.

Like the all-in-one kits, the hopped syrup kits listed below come with brewers' yeast, but to these you'll also need to add either 2.25 lb of corn sugar or 3 lb powdered malt extract. Varieties available include John Bull, Brewferm, Coopers, and Edme. Just add up to 2.25 lb corn sugar (LDC catalog #1990) or 3 lb dry plain malt extract (LDC catalog #1800B-1806B), and water.

The Brewers Best Ingredient Kits (LDC catalog #1005 - 1036) offer an easy way for you to enter the intermediate brewing stage. These kits include malt syrup, hops, brewing additives, bottle caps, crushed whole grains, dry malt, yeast, priming sugar, and easy-to-follow instructions.

IV) Priming Sugar for Bottling

Corn sugar, 5 oz (3/4 cup) (LDC catalog #9760) -- to carbonate your beer you'll need to add this amount to each 5 gallon batch of home brew when bottling.

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